summerotaku asked:

Clint prompt- Clint's first tattoo. Perhaps someone discovering it or it's meaning? Getting it or someone worshipping it the first time?

puppysteeb answered:

It’s an ugly hand done thing, a scrawl low on Clint’s wrist that shakily spells out ‘claimed’.  Phil frowns when he sees it, looking up at Clint.

"I… "  Clint ducks his eyes.  "My first dom placed it there…I never bothered to get it removed."  Phil reverently kissed the faint grey words.  Clint shuddered at Phil’s warmth.

"It’s not a lie," Phil murmured.  "Not anymore."

"It’s ugly," Clint whispered,voice small.  Frowning, Phil grabbed a sharpy and began to doodle around Clint’s wrist.  Soon the word was almost hidden in Phil’s looping writing and doodles.

Clint gets it tattooed the next day.


I was going through my gif folder and imagine iiiiif

the first anyone knows of Coulson being alive/back at work is this happening:

right after clint just got back from falling off an assortment of things, and he’s like…. um

and follows phil to this ‘office’ (they’re in the tower, wtf?) 

and it really is an office a few floors down, cause SHIELD lives in Stark Avengers tower now, and Phil just acts like nothing has happened. it’s just business as usual and he’s chewing clint out for reckless endangerment of himself/others/the city in general

and he keeps going on and on and Clint’s just standing there like am I hallucinating or is Phil Coulson himself actually shuffling papers at me right now? (cause phil shuffles papers at you when he’s flustered, it’s a very specific tell)

and Clint steps forward and takes the papers Phil’s holding so he can put them aside and take Phil’s hands instead, all the while with Phil still detailing all the infractions of proper SHIELD agent behaviour, but getting weaker with it, til he’s just quietly mumbling things about improper care of equipment and insurance and public liability, with Clint feeling his hands and turning them over cause Phil’s really real! he’s alive and just as much of a bug up his ass as ever 

anger and resentment and betrayal can come into it later (all of which Phil was afraid of, hence his deflection shuffling), but they stand like that for a long while before there are hugs and manly ‘something in my eye’s and forms being promised to be filled out in triplicate and maybe eventually kisses and long tender face-touching lovemaking