I keep thinking about Steve Rogers’ washing machine


they have one in the basement but he also has one in his apartment?

so did he buy that one?

did steve rogers go and buy a washing machine in a store

did steve rogers go to a store and hem and haw over the different features of these modern washing machines that don’t vibrate across the floor like the one in the basement of his old apartment used to do?

Steve Rogers: doing his own washing since 19whenever

Steve Rogers: “I need a better spin cycle”

Steve Rogers: doing so much laundry every week that he needs his own washing machine despite pretty much only owning about four items of clothing

Steve Rogers: using his washing machine to pick up chicks

NB: The first commercially available washing machine in the US was apparently called the Thor Washing Machine



Okay, but:

Setting a different publication date.

So one of my birthday fics is finished.  Like, edited and all.  Probably needs a tad more fussing, but basically done.  Birthday Triplets goes live August 23rd (yay!  I’m turning 31!  I feel so cultured and adult.  Like I need a martini, *g*) and I wouldn’t mind posting my fic the night or day before so I can lie in bed until my husband brings me coffee instead of getting up to post ;)

So… if I post a new work but put a publication date of August 23rd, can I be assured that my work will not appear before that day?


Because SURPRISES ARE IMPORTANT.  I am very big on surprises being done right.  I don’t want an email notification to go to the recipient author and have them be able to clink the link and view the fic.


god you are WAY too ahead! Me and Ral are like… maybe this is shit? about our fics! Mine are about 10% finished so far!

Also how crazy! I’m turning 31 too :) MEGATWINS!

Longfic suggestions please

I’m going on a trip in a couple of days, and I’d love to read some longfic while I’m lounging around doing nothing!

Do you guys have any suggestions?

I’m mostly into Clint/Coulson and Steve/Bucky at the moment, but am also partial to Stiles/Derek and the odd spot of Thor/Steve and Clint/pretty much anyone.

Any suggestions more than welcome! Even if you think I might already have read it!

lord knows I have so much other stuff to be doing right now

but for the last few days ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT

is phil at his desk doing some work

and clint comes in and locks the door

and phil’s like… clint no, I’m very busy!

and clint’s like, you’re always busy, but you’re not too busy for me, and he just comes round the desk to push phil’s chair far enough that he can sit right on top of whatever paperwork is there

and phil sighs a long suffering sigh as clint hooks his feet under the arms of the chair to pull it back in, which spreads clint’s legs til phil’s right there mere inches away from clint’s crotch

and phil glares at up at him as if he’s not going to play along

and clint’s like

"we both know how good you are at this, you’ll be done before you know it and you can get back to all your thrilling forms"

and then he grins and unzips his fly


im-the-asshole-that asked:

HEY so I have a question you may or may not be able to answer. Thanks to that PAINFUL CONDITIONING GIFSET I'm starting to figure out that part of Dreams(Where pierce starts being bucky's handler). Do we know how old Pierce is in Catws? OR even more helpfully how old he would be during the cold war era? HELP IM FEELING TOO MANY FEELS FOR RESEARCH

thunderboltsortofapenny answered:

{haha if you really want to hate everything i can give you a rundown on operant conditioning that will make you want to die} I am assuming that Pierce is just a few years older than Nick, and  in Zola’s speech Nick’s file has his age around 61-62. SO i’m guesstimating Pierce around 66? 67? Redford is 77 {speaking of OH MY GOD throw his name into Google and look at the first picture that comes up HE LOOKS LIKE STEVE I AM SO WRECKED}.  So I thinks TWS is set in 2O13?? which puts Pierce’s birth year as early as 1946, 1947. He literally grew up in the golden age of the Captain America hero-worship I am dying.  

So Bogota was in ‘81? He would have been 34. Zola died in ‘72, Pierce would have been ……26.


which means he looked like this:





fuck. everything.


Hey, zooeyscigar. You like angst, right? Have a knife in Bucky’s heart.